Svastha Yoga Module 5 // Yogic Mindfulness, Cognitive Changes, Depression, Addictions // Dr.Ganesh Mohan 

Date: May  2 - 6, 2018

Wed: 10:00-17:00
Thurs - Sat: 09:00-17:00
Sun: 09:00 - 15:00 

Early Bird Price: 560€ - Before 1 February, 2018.
Normal Price: 610€


Place: Maya Yoga Studio
Adress: Ebuziya Caddesi Taşevler Sokak No:2 Bakırköy/ İstanbul

The door opens at 8:40, we start on Wednesday at 10:00. 

P.S. : The course will be in English only. No translation.

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MODULE 5 : Yogic Mindfulness, Cognitive Changes, Depression, Addictions

  1. Classical yoga concepts and texts relevant to mental health
    a. Concept and importance of vrtti-samskara cycle
    b. Role of focus and stillness of the mind

  2. Yogic mindfulness (smrti-sadhana)
    a. Theory and applications
    b. Mindfulness in asana
    c. Mindfulness with the breath
    d. Mindfulness in daily life

  3. Cognitive reframing (pratipaksha bhavana and jnana vrttis)
    a. examination of cognitive thoughts from yoga perspective
    b. Combating cognitive distortions

  4. Depression and addictions
    a. Overview of modern psychology perspective
    b. Scope and role of yoga in the therapy
    c. Principles of management

  5. Setting priorities and devising a session plan for depression and related mental health issues.

  6. Developing holistic yoga practices including asanas to support the above practices, combining body, breath, and mind.

  7. Safety considerations for the yoga teacher. Managing the teacher-student, therapist-client relationship.

  8. Perspective of ayurveda and useful ayurvedic herbs as relevant. 

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