Cervical and Thoracic Spine, Upper Limb

1. anatomy and function of the thoracic and cervical spine, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand.

2. Observation and palpation of pertinent structures.

3. Systematic presentation of important disorders of the thoracic spine, cervical spine and upper limb, specially as relevant to yoga teachers:
a. Most common disorders that a yoga teacher is likely to see in students b. Cause of disorders and their development
c. Typical presentation of the important problems

4. The following disorders and more will be discussed: - Osteoporosis

- Scoliosis
- Neck pain due to muscular imbalances and posture
- Cervical disc problems
- Instability, facet joint problems
- Rotator cuff tears and impingment syndrome of the shoulder - epicondylitis (Tennis elbow, golfers elbow)
- Carpal tunnel syndrome

5. Function-oriented approach and guidelines for these conditions using the tools of yoga (particularly movement and breathing).

6. What a yoga teacher needs to know about the modern medical treatments available and the role of surgery.

7. Classical yoga methods of Krishnamacharya combined with modern medical concepts (pain-free mobility, stability, endurance, strength, range of motion, exibility). 

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